Before making a choice, it is advisable to contact us first for the best orientation where to live and what to rent.

If you are interested in one or more of the houses, contact us to make an appointment to view these properties. A viewing will be with one of our employees always.

Rental period:
The object will be bounded to a minimum rental period always. Important to know is that most of the properties will have a maximum rental period.

Termination of a contract:
This is negotiable in advance. General is if the contract is one year or less, the notice will be one full calendar month.

Diplomatic clause:
For companies only.

Costs and general conditions:

  • Administration or agency cost plus 21% VAT.(depending on our offer and kind of search procedure
  • Before you will receive the key the first invoice(s) need to be received by us and/or third party. This includes the  rent over the first period, the deposit (and our administration costs or fee plus 21% VAT. in case of commission tour*)
  • If you accept the object during a month, rent need to be paid from that day. This means, the payment includes the rent from that day, till the end of that month, the rent over the next full month, the deposit and fee plus 21% VAT.

*Hourly rate\commission:
Besides all the tasks as mentioned as above, we can give you personal support by finding a house for you to buy or to sell. It is possible to choos between a hourly rate ore a package, depending of the requested services.

In case you still have questions? 
Call us at +31 (0)6 – 51260724 or send us an E-mail at

Monday to Friday – 08:30h en 17:00h