Info Rentals

Info Rentals

Do you have to stay, for private or business reasons somewhere else in the Netherlands?  Maybe you have to relocate to an other country. More then three months?

Do you own a property or did you invest in a property but not actually live there? You do not want to leave the property empty for some time?  Van Hensbeek Housing is your ideal partner in business.

Out of experience we have learned that a number of people is thinking to easy on the subject of temporarily renting. At the end you want to be guaranteed that you can return to your own and trusted property and environment and with the least possible cares. You can use your time a lot better to prepare for your stay somewhere else. And not to be forgotten, the property must stay in the same conditions as how you left it.

Van Hensbeek Housing searches for these periods together with you a dedicated tenant. Our customers include most prominent multinationals, middle classes and small companies. You can count on our good contacts and reliable relations with these companies in which we select the best tenant for your property.

In a personal conversation with the candidate tenant we will decide whether he or she is the best party to rent it or not. During the rental period the apartment needs to be taken proper care of. This can be done by you, friends, family or you can let Van Hensbeek Housing take care of it. Van Hensbeek Housing will manage this on a professional way.

Van Hensbeek Housing is a more than 20 years old existing dynamic company with the right knowledge and more than 27 years of experience. We go for a long and satisfied co-operation between tenant and landlord. Quality reaches high in our company. When you decide to let us take care of your property, there will be no worries left anymore and you can go in peace abroad or somewhere else in the Netherlands. You will receive information about matters concerning your property, on a regular base.


What does this mean for you?

We are specialized in rent and let of real estate and will look for the best tenant for your property.

We have the specialized knowledge of the real estate market and legislation concerning rent and let of real estate.

We have on a daily base contact with several multinationals, middle classes and small companies and there employees who seek a property.

We offer you a large package of services to choose of.

We are only satisfied with the highest level of quality and service.

We arrange a suitable contract.

If our service finds your satisfaction and you would like to learn more about our conditions and possibilities, please contact us …. We are always prepared, without any obligations, to explain and determine the possibilities in a personal meeting.